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Formed in 1982, BMD Transport has grown to the point where they have a 31 strong fleet as well as a trailer hire fleet. They also have their own workshops for in-house repairs and maintenance. Having started during the recession, they had to ensure they ran the business with high levels of service reliability and flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Their fleet of 31 trucks is mainly Renault tractors, but they have introduced 3 Mercedes Actros, as well as Volvo and DAF. The company is currently adopting a renewal program that ensures their fleet has the latest telematics, front, rear and side safety cameras and inclinometers fitted to all tipping trailers to ensure the stability of the vehicle whilst tipping. The company has invested approximately £1.2 million on new trucks and trailers. Operating nationwide BMD carry mainly bulk aggregates. All of BMD Transport’s drivers receive high levels of training in regards to health and safety.

BMD Transport are members of the FORS scheme and currently have bronze accreditation which they have maintained for over two years. This year they will be looking to achieve the silver accreditation.

They were introduced to the FORS scheme through Lafarge Tarmac with support from their Transport Manager Guy Nicholls, who guided them through the process and helped to raise their standard of compliance to meet the FORS requirement. They are audited annually by Lafarge Tarmac who have their own FORS practitioners which ensures a consistent standard is met.

Being a part of FORS shows that they are serious about operating to a high standard within the industry, additionally it shows their customers that they are going that extra step towards safety and compliance by fitting safety items such as, all around camera systems, side scan and under run bars to their vehicles. Moreover the company’s drivers have attended vulnerable road user courses to raise their awareness and understanding when encountering cyclists, elderly and horse riders out on the road.

Part of their responsibilities as a FORS member is ensuring that all their employee’s driving licenses are checked at least every six months, along with a simple sight test at the same time as this can highlight any issues that they would need to address or manage.

They feel that FORS is a great benchmark for the haulage industry as it ensures that all businesses that want to become a part of it are operating legally and comply with industry legislation standards.

In regards to moving forward, the company at this moment in time aim to continue to give their customers the same level of service they have come to expect from them.